1. All our products and services have to be purchased on prepaid basis.
2. At present we only deliver goods to Dhaka and Chittagong metropolis.
3. We deliver products within 3-6 working days. You will receive the product within 5-9 working days. (We will notify you in case of any delay due to special field)
4. If for any reason the courier service delays the delivery of the product, you need to settle the matter with the courier service.
5. If we fail to deliver the product within the stipulated time, you can refund your money at any time. (Not possible after product courier booking)
6. In case of refund, you will get the refund through the same medium and the same number through which you paid.
7. Money will be refunded within 3-6 working days after claiming any kind of refund.
8. If you want to return the product, you must arrange for it to reach us through your nearest courier at the address given on our website.
9. If you want to return the product, you must send the opening video to the specified email address provided on our website and we will let you know if you can return the product by selecting the verification from us.
10. If there is any damage to the product by the courier service while carrying the goods, the courier authority will take the responsibility.
11. Any courier fee related to product warranty has to be borne by the customer.
12. The Tech Panacea Authority has the power to change, revoke, or modify any decision at any time.